How do you create the best, most loyal customers ever?

You teach them to fish through Educational Video!

Well, maybe not fishing, unless you sell fishing rods.

What you can teach them is about or how to use your product. Utilizing educational media in your marketing is a proven approach to building great customer relationships.

Think about it.

You have to fill the ever hungry content monster that is marketing and you need to do it on a budget.


Your customer wants to know how your product will improve their lives.

An engaging how-to video can achieve both goals.

How do you get started? First, some tips.

3 tips for planning, producing and implementing

results-driving educational video.

There are several ways to offer value through educational video and that really is the key: BRING VALUE! As you start the process of planning, be sure to keep your ideal customer profile handy to ensure you are delivering the content they want.

The first tip, education ≠ boring!

The content can and should be engaging. Think about unique ways to present the information (Legos® are known to be used in our productions!). Also make sure to offer likable personality and the right amount of information for the desired outcome – not too much and not too little. Keep it to the right length and make it interesting to the target audience.

Secondly, streamline the production

Look for opportunities to solve a problem once and let it remain solved. If you are producing a series of how-to videos, create a set or use an environment that is ready to go or easy to set up. This will bring consistency to the presentation and make it simpler for you to deliver over and over. We have created sets that roll in and out of a storage room and just snap together. Works a treat! You can also create script templates, graphic templates, and even editing project templates to keep consistency and quick turn around as a priority. It’s also a good idea to keep records of all production settings and setups via notes and photographs.

Third, be consistent in delivery!

This is the big one! If you promise a weekly product highlight series, make sure you deliver…weekly! If the customer doesn’t see the content on a regular basis, they are going to forget or just not care anymore. The easiest method is to produce the whole series at once and then assign episodes/videos to a content calendar-based release schedule. If your content relies on a timeliness element, make sure you design the production to be as simple and reproducible as possible (See tip #2). This does take commitment! It is worth it though; delivering on a regular schedule will build trust, momentum, and anticipation in your audience (read: loyalty). And unlike most marketing media, educational video is more evergreen with lasting value. A constant flow of content will encourage engagement via comments and sharing because the customer trusts that you do what you say you will. Do this and you will get results.

Now, let’s talk about some content options for educational videos.

There are so many options and formats in producing videos designed to educate. Here are the most straight-forward approaches we have used in our work with clients and brands.

Product demonstration/guides

If you have a product with any complexity at all, a good idea is to build a library of product guides. The more complex the product is, the more content you will need to be broken down into small bits. The keys to a good product guide are to create a presentation that is clear, paced well, and gives just enough information that addresses the particular goal of the video. Too much information at once will make it drag and lose your viewer.

The videos were never more than 2-3 minutes and they went step by step through the processes of how to use the product without getting into the weeds of too much information. It was found on every user’s phone.

How-to videos

A flexible format is the ‘how-to’ video. This gives the customer examples of what the product is capable of and creative ways they can use it in their own applications. The possibilities in this video form are endless as you can show the product being used in multiple scenarios, environments, and situations. It is also an opportunity to bring in 3rd party experts and/or users to add validation to a products’ value and variety to your content.

Video courses

Do you want to be being seen as the guru of the service you offer? A video course may just the tool you need! A great way to introduce a tire-kicking customer to your value is to show them via a training course that introduces the knowledge base. By bringing them up to a certain level of understanding, they can then appreciate and verify what you know and then take advantage of your more advanced services. This could also be a paid or free course that brings an entry-level understanding with the potential to expand their abilities through more advanced courses.

Remember, the goal is to help your customer have confidence and purpose in their relationship with you and your offerings. Giving them educational resources and experiences will boost them from customer to superuser. You want that. Real bad.

Educational Video with Prologue Media
Educational Video with Prologue Media
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