Right now, video content is the darling of Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms. Everyone is touting it as the place to be spending your marketing budget*. They are correct*! We have become resistant to reading anything more than headlines as a consumption-based society. We need to be fed like a child being put to bed – we need stories to ease us into the idea.

However! Please keep reading…


* This assumes you have 3 things in place: market research, good content, and a plan. Let’s talk about each of these briefly


Market Research

Market research is a critical step in any attempt to address an audience because you need to know who you are speaking to. Can you imagine a comedian lining out their dad jokes for a crowd full of teenagers? Knowing is half the battle! (Do you get this reference?)

Spend time on researching who is or would buy your product and understand everything about them that you can and more than just general demographics. What problem do you solve for them and how do they feel about it?

We highly recommend developing personas for your different buyers will be a guide for what content to develop and where to put it.


Good Video Content

Once you know who you are talking to, it’s simpler to know what you should make to present a message that resonates with them. Here lies Good Content.

How do you define good content? Easy. Your audience loves it! While this seems like a cart before the horse situation, it really illustrates the need to have a plan (see below) and a long term commitment to investing in learning more about your audience by developing content and putting it out there for people to engage with. You have to start.

Of course, “good content” doesn’t have to mean expensive. Some of the best video marketing is done on the cheap. It just needs to be well-considered and executed. This usually means incorporating the ‘right tool for the right job‘ approach. You can have a higher-budget “brand” film that has a long lifespan vs weekly content that is short, educational, and gets right to the information your audience wants. They all have their place and tick off certain objectives on your scorecard.


Video Content Plan

A Content Plan will be the next step and your anchor in the delivery of the media. Media fails most of the time because of the lack of consistent execution. Laying out what you are developing and when it will be delivered over the next 3-6 months (at a minimum) will help you make it happen from day 1 to day 90.


Having a content plan allows you to connect dates and projects to addressing your different customers needs. It also surrounds a ‘big idea’ with context. Video marketing concepts can sometimes remain in a daydream state until there are dates and people assigned to them.


Laying out all of the content ideas together with a calendar and your resources will help bring clarity and execution to your need to reach out to your audience with video.


Video really is wonderful

There is no doubt that video marketing is an excellent form of media. It communicates so well and universally if done well. But like any medium, if it’s not given a chance to succeed it will struggle and wane. Performing due diligence will help ensure it’s effectiveness as a platform for your loving audience.