Prologue Media solves the video content marketing  problem.

We provide video content strategy and production in Utah that will be ready to share with your audience. We take you through the different phases of research, planning, production and distribution to ensure that the media is optimized to reach your goals and outcomes.
We will work with you to ensure your marketing effective and timely.

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The Latest

Are you looking for video content strategy and production in Utah or elsewhere? We provide beginning to end services and education. We offer video training for your in-house team to get you up to speed on what you need to know to employ video into your content marketing strategy.

Check out our Youtube channel and see examples of the many projects we have produced and perhaps be inspired for your own content!

How do you introduce yourself to a new audience? Our Race Ready series was able to deliver! We chased around the desert, in the shops, and through the crwads to document Rocky Mountain ATV’s entry into a new race and a new market. Utilizing all the cinematic techniques and tools, we helped RMATV start a journey into a new, unfamiliar place – racing. Click through to check them out!

Are you looking to convert customers into brand ambassadors or increase customer engagement? Perhaps you need to move your prospects along the funnel?Empower them with knowledge! Check out our new Educational Video Guide